We arrange daily diving and snorkeling trips to the best coral reefs around Tomia Islands. The locations are suitable for all level of divers and snorklers. For the past 10 years, Tomia island has been recognized as a famous dive site for the beauty of its underwater life. Dive sites are numerous and spread out over 29 spots in Tomia Island; Ali Reef, Gunung Waha, Mari Mabuk, Roma,Kolo-Soha Beach, Table Coral City, Cornucopia, Dunia Baru,  Tanjung Batok, House Reef, Turkey Beach, Conchita, Zoo, Barracuda, Tanjung Lentea, Trail Blazer, Teluk Maya, Pockets, Fan 30 East, Fan 30 West, Spiral Corner, Magnifice, Fan Garden, Starship, Pinki’s Wall, Black Forest, and Lorenzo’s Delight. Every diving-snorkeling spot offers unique biodiversity.

The best time to dive

The climate is tropical with the sun shining year round and air temperature ranges from 26 °C to 30 °C. This area is much drier than other parts of Indonesia and in particular Sulawesi. Rainy season is in January and February but nothing too bad to avoid diving. Peak Season runs in April and May and in September and November and you should book well in advance during these periods. The best diving season runs between March and December. If you want to spot pilot Whales, the best period is from November to April!

Dive site Mari Mabuk

Mari Mabuk is one of the diving sites in Tomia. Various types of coral reefs can be seen here; especially soft corals and coral table decorated with a variety of species bump-head, parrot fish, lion fish, clown fish, turtles and sea snakes.

Dive site Roma spot

Roma is a large, wide pinnacle, fringed with beautiful potato coral and adorned with anemones and clown fish rising into the current. Large schools of fishes patrol the water column above the pinnacle, which make for a constant flittering of light on the dive site. Sinking in through rays of light of you will be instantly greeted by large schools of fusiliers, and red-tooth trigger fish swirling around. The centre point of the site is an extraordinary pinnacle teeming with life.

Dive site Magnificia

One of the stunning beauty dive site, started from the reef top to the extreme depths. Schools of snappers, skip jacks and many other fish, huge barracudas watching will around you, Don’t miss the opportunity to see  Snapper, Fusilier, Sweetlips, Butterfly, Angel, Damselfish, Anthias, Batfish, Wrasse, Parrot, Surgeon, Trigger, Box, Puffer, Porcupine, Gobies, Moray eels, Scorpion, Flathead, Blennies, Octopus, Shrimp, Crab, Nudibranch, Flatworm, Snake, Turtle, Ray.