Conservation programme

Share the experiences with local community

Aimed at sustainable development, the resort focused its architecture and programs that appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape, embrace local natural resources and respect the community surrounding it. We also offering educational activities for people who passionate with nature and adventure recreation.

We work together with local community in Tomia Island in several programs

Social sustainability and protected areas; Our program is ongoing with Komunto Community. The Komunitas Nelayan Tomia (KOMUNTO, Fishing Community of Tomia) is a community-based organization composed of representatives of fishers’ groups from East Tomia, Indonesia.

The organization was established in response to shared community concerns regarding foreign commercial fishing, the use of destructive fishing methods, and a vacuum in local government leadership on the sustainable management of Wakatobi natural resources. The initiative encourages the local management of natural resources to improve community wellbeing. It has promoted local participation in zoning and spatial planning of Wakatobi National Park, and established three protected areas around the island of Tomia to allow fish stocks to regenerate. Financial contribution from members fund savings and loan services and support for members with in times of need.