Conservation Program

We are committed to apply green sustainable practices on our landscape and design, which the resort’s architecture and programs will reflect the natural beauty of the landscape, embrace local natural resources and respect the communities surrounding it. We are also offering educational activities for people who are passionate with about nature and adventure recreation.

Local activities

Optionally, our customer can volunteer depending on the skills and help in several areas: Teaching English language; a girls’ education program; a waste management programme. They will get to facilitate discussions with young girls on health issues, conservation or cultural. They can also assist in developing activities such as book donations, story telling or developing joint activities between the tourist and the locals. On the waste management program, our customer can join our regular beach clean-up event which aims to further build awareness in the local community on the importance of social hygiene and the need for pristine beaches to help grow the tourism.  Our customer also can follow the local daily activity such as a meti meti. This is during low tide, and they will forage for shells or sea urchins among the marine plants. They may find sea cucumbers and small to large starfish. Our customer may become a part of our conservation program through participation in turtle protection or mangrove planting – or donate to the cause.