About Wakatobi

About Wakatobi Wakatobi National Park, also known as Kepulauan Toekang Besi is located in South-East of Sulawesi, between the Banda Sea to the North-Sast and the Flores Sea to the South-West. The name of Wakatobi is a portmanteau of the


There are more than 28 dive sites around Tomia that have been named and mapped such as Ali Reef, Gunung Waha, Mari Mabuk, Roma, KoloSoha Beach, Table Coral City, Cornucopia, Dunia Baru, Tanjung Batok, House Reef,Turkey Beach,Conchita, Zoo, Barracuda, Tanjung

Conservation programme

Share the experiences with local community Aimed at sustainable development, the resort focused its architecture and programs that appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape, embrace local natural resources and respect the community surrounding it. We also offering educational activities